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Why Work with Us?

Since our inception in 2018, Gideon Partners has been totally
focused on building the most efficient operational consulting practice to deliver tangible results to our client's bottom line.

  • Increase equity value and revenue.

  • Enhance leadership across the board.

  • Ensure all operations reflect your mission.

  • Forge stronger stakeholder relationships.


Founder, Managing Partner

For the past 20 years, Adrian focused his professional and personal efforts on fostering collaboration between stakeholders to solve important challenges for humanity.  He launched transformative products internationally, contributed over $500M in revenue, and successfully mobilized over $4B from diverse individuals, family offices, and institutional investors.


Alignment Partner

With 10 years of experience in business, Anastasia brings her executive coaching touch to align leaders and their teams with the company vision. Being 3X CEO, professional fundraiser, and now certified coach she finds ways to reveal the unique gifts of each team member. Think "Wendy" from Billions. 

Let's talk about your business 

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